Equipping & Supporting Spiritual Leaders

Pneuma Institute offers Certificate Education Programs, Workshops, and Spiritual Direction

Pneuma Institute
Pneuma Institute

Who We Are

Pneuma Institute is a Spirit-led ecumenical organization rooted in the Christian contemplative and Ignatian spiritual traditions. Our training, workshops, and services in spiritual growth, development, and leadership are open to those seeking to explore and deepen their spirituality. This includes anyone in the direct ministries of spiritual direction, leadership, and pastoral care, or those providing health care, mental health care, and coaching that want to be more sensitive and responsive to their patients' or clients’ spiritual needs.

Pneuma Institute

Our Vision

We awaken and deepen awareness of the profound interrelatedness in God among self, others and creation in order to co-create more discerning, compassionate, and just communities in response to present and emerging needs in the world.


Our Mission

We educate, form, equip and support persons-in-community to offer spiritual formation, spiritual direction, spiritual leadership, and direction of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

Pneuma Institute

We Fulfill Our Mission by

1. Providing Formative Training Programs

  • Two-year certificate Program in Spiritual Direction and Leadership with choices of concentration in Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Leadership, Direction of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises
  • Nine Month Certificate Program in Direction of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises
  • Certificate Program in Supervision
  • Continuing education workshops and retreats
  • Supervision and facilitation of peer supervision groups

2. Co-Creating Community

  • Caring for one another
  • Sharing leadership and communal support
  • Exchanging personal and professional resources
  • Collaborating to further Pneuma Institute's mission
  • Encouraging others who may be interested in Pneuma Institute

3. Providing Direct Services and/or Referrals

  • Spiritual direction for individual or group
  • Direction of Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life for individual or group
  • Supervision and consultation
  • Directed or themed retreats for individual or group
  • Facilitation of discernment for individual, group, or congregation
  • Provision of programs and resources to organizations contracting services with Pneuma Institute

 4. Expanding our Ecumenical and Interfaith Awareness

  • Learn and interact with the religious and spiritual traditions of others
  • Develop relationships with diverse religious leaders and practitioners
  • Collaborate in interfaith efforts that promote discerning, compassionate, and just communities
Pneuma Institute

Our Guiding Principles

  • We affirm the unity of all things within the Community of the Triune God so that the work of Pneuma Institute and the life of Pneuma Community embodies the Incarnational reality of Jesus Christ.
  • We commit to the ongoing transformation of mind, body, and spirit through continuing education, biblical and theological reflection, daily practice of spiritual disciplines, ministry supervision, and other opportunities for growth in holiness and authenticity.
  • We cultivate contemplative practices and a centered presence in ourselves, with others, and in communities.
  • We listen for the Holy Spirit's guidance through Scripture, prayer, and ongoing practices of discernment.
  • We create safe and sacred spaces through which the Holy Spirit ministers.
  • We honor both vulnerabilities and strengths in ourselves and others.
  • We embrace diversity in creation, cultures, communities, and persons through respect, inclusion, listening, and coming together.
  • We build collaborative partnerships and teams through presence, deep listening, open communication, shared responsibility, mutual accountability, and support.
  • We trust Christ's Spirit to guide Pneuma's work and partnerships through communal discernments that lead to consensus and action.
  • We commit to practice the "Ethical Standards for Spiritual Directors" created by Spiritual Directors International [SDI] and taught in Pneuma's core formation programs.