Community of Spiritual Directors

Our qualified Spiritual Directors provide one on one and/or group Spiritual Direction.  Please contact us, and we can identify several directors that may meet your needs.  After you interview the directors, you choose with whom you would like to work.

A qualified spiritual director has received significant training, and supervision. Through well designed interactions, listening, reading, music, art, mindfulness, and contemplation, we strengthen awareness of the Spirit and learn the ways to discern direction.

Several of our Directors are also qualified to lead the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises.   Learn more about the Spiritual Exercises at

What are your key questions, and/or experiences that you want to discern?

Some of the questions a Spiritual Director often explores with their directee:

  • What is our image and relationship with God, the Divine? How might it be strengthened?
  • How might I start  or enhance reading and experiencing scripture to come to know God more deeply?
  • What are different ways of discerning the Spirit and using that guidance to make day to day decisions and, even more significant life decisions?
  • How do I act on my beliefs when family, friends, and/or co-workers may not believe or practice?
  • How do I come to rely on the Spirit during hardship?
  • How might I come to know my mission and identity in the context of God's on-going creation?
Pneuma Institute
Through Spiritual Direction and particularly the Spiritual Exercises, individuals often find greater interior discipline and freedom to choose to follow the ways of Christ.